Get ya weed cake game straight09.06.11

Ok so this is the basic essentials of how we getting our cake stared. Im using Green’s classic chocolate (pun fully intended) but if ya reckon ya cake game is on some Nigella Lawson shit, skip the packet stuff & show us what ya got. I use about half an oz of bush kush, no need to use ya turbo stash for cooking just be sure to get rid of them stems & sticks & grind it up as fine as you can get it.
You will also need 2 eggs & 2/3 of a cup of milk but if ya don’t have that in ya fridge – ya cooking game needs work.

Melt the 2 sticks of butter in a medium sized pot & chuck in a cup of water for good measure.

Keep the heat hight until it boils down looking this this.

Then add your weed & reduce your heat so ya butter & weed are on a low simmer.

Leave the butter/weed mixture on low for 3 hours. Don’t listen to those dingbats out there who simmer it up over night, you will burn both ya butter & kush & be left with some bullshit no one wants to eat.
Be sure to check back every hour to scrape off the fat that is collecting at the top & add half a cup of water to keep it simmering like it should be.

Chuck some of the collected butter on toast. This is not going to make ya head spin but no one likes a waster.

After 3 hours you should be left with something that looks like this.

Get you tupperware & elastic band ready.

Raid ya girls closet for some stockings or a dress basically anything made with a tight mesh weave & put that over the tupperware & fasten around the top with an elastic band.

Pour the pot straight through the mesh into the container.

Let that sit for a minute.

Now remove the stockings & squeeze the rest of the liquid into your container. Don’t skip this step & be sure to wring that shit dry. Chuck the left over weed away, you have cooked out all the THC over the 3 hours & unless your a mental bong head this stuff is pointless.

You should be left with a container of a light green liquid that goes straight into the fridge & left overnight.

Come morning you should have a big lump of perfect cooking butter with a bit of excess liquid down the bottom.

Your only going to need half the butter for one cake unless you want the devil to rip your soul out through your knee caps.

So glad wrap the rest & chuck it straight into the freezer for the next cake.

Now your ready to cook.

Melt the butter down a little in the microwave then add into the cake mix with two eggs & some milk (read the packet if you suck)

Get the mixture in a baking tray. Don’t be an amature & forget the baking paper.

Now we baking. Follow packet instructions but its usually about 45 mins at 160C with a fan forced oven.

Let that cake cool before you get carried away with the icing. Be patient peoples.

Serve up with ya favorite ice cream & ya good to go.

Enjoy your night peoples.